“Mostly she taught by the courage of her own life, which to me is the highest form of teaching.” ~Alice Walker

Expose Encourage Engage

The best teachers expose students to new intellectual possibilities; encourage them to think deeply about both content and context; and engage them in creative ways.  I am drawn to teaching because of the possibility for intellectual exchange; the opportunity to mentor and contribute to students’ intellectual and academic growth; and the satisfaction of knowing I have played a role in the development of informed, global citizens.

As a Public Historian in Residence at American University, I teach the following classes:

  • History 729: Public History Seminar
  • History 668: African American Digital History

The following are classes I have taught in the past:

  • In Motion: African Americans in the US
  • Narrating Black Women’s Resistance
  • Get in Formation: Black Protest Music
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Sex and the City: Gender, Culture and Politics in 20th Century Urban America
  • Public History: Community Engagement
  • Historical Methods